Getting Started

Just a few quick notes to help you find your way around!

Update Places

Aside from what ciders to drink, the other challenge is knowing where to get it. We recently launched "Places" to help.

The "Places" menu lets you browse the growing database, find the closest places (using GPS), and lets you "Check In". "Check In" tags your reviews at your location and shares information with other users about what ciders are available where.

We already have several hundred places mapped out, including lots of cidery tasting rooms. Check in at your favorite places to help spread the word!

For the competitive among you, checking in at different locations will be included in your score!

Crowd Sourced

All the data on Cider Expert is crowd-sourced from our users. If there is a cider or cidery that's missing, add it! Check in at good cider bars, stores or tasting rooms so others know where to go.

Finding ciders

While the original Cider Expert design had lists you could page through with all of the ciders and cideries, very few people did that. Finding ciders and cideries is now all about searching, so there is a search box on every page.


This is your way to mark ciders you particularly like or want to try. Hit the Boozemark symbol, and it will by added to your personal list. Find your list under the "My Ciders" menu at the top of the page.

Drunk List

This the list of all ciders that you've rated. It's handy when looking for ciders you remember particularly liking, disliking, or that were just interesting.


The most important rating to give is the "star" rating. This is how much you like the cider. Another way to look at it is how enthusiastic you would be to drink it again. This is the most important factor that Cider Expert uses in giving you recommendations.

If you want to rate taste properties, that's awesome! Start with the smaller set, and if you can't really tell what some taste properties are, don't rate them, and that's ok. Not everyone's taste buds are as sensitive to all tastes.


Based on your ratings, Cider Expert will figure out what other ciders you are likely to enjoy. It requires at least 10 ratings, but more ratings leads to better recommendations.