Explaining how the rating scales work

Two kinds of rating

The "star" rating scale and the taste property rating scales are different. To give an overview:

Star Rating

This is your personal score of how much you like the cider. That's all there is to it. If given the opportunity to have it again, how excited would you be?

This isn't how good the cider is when taking into account its style. That's what reviews are for.

If you love it, give it 5 stars. If you hate it, give it 1 star. It is completely a subjective rating.

Taste Properties

This measures how much of that kind of taste this cider has relative to other ciders. The goal is to be as objective as possible.

There is a basic set, which is somewhat easier to recognize, and a larger set. Feel free to rate as many or few (or none) as you are comfortable with.

If you are just starting out with cider, then feel free to hold off on assigning these ratings until you get some sense of the range of ciders.