picture of Hawk Knob Appalachian classic dry hard cider submitted by Stratocruiser
picture of Hawk Knob Appalachian classic dry hard cider submitted by Stratocruiser

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reviewer Stratocruiser
Stratocruiser (742) said:
I admit that my favorite part of this cider is the label on the bottle. Overall this cider is just not that interesting. It pours a pale yellow. The nose is light fruit. Very thin body. The front has the tartness, and then disappears instantly. The back end just lacks flavor and complexity. Not a bad cider, I would not turn it down if offered to me, I would buy it if it’s the only cider available, but this is not a cider I will seek out and keep in my stock.
Reviewed on 15 Mar 2018
reviewer BrandonHendrickson
BrandonHendrickson (81) said:
Hawk Knob Appalachian Classic Dry Hard Cider 500 ml crown cap bottle - $8.99 at Total Wine Yellow straw color and hazy. Some sediment at the bottom of the bottle suggests no filtering. Lightly carbonated with no head on pour. It has aromas of fruity sweet apples and is probably the best part of the cider. It does not have a lot a flavor up front and it’s blandness is masked by the carbonation initially. The middle has a weird bitterness to it, sort of like it was made from dessert apples or is simply a young cider that needs to age longer before consuming. It also holds a little acidity to it. It finishes with some tannins however they don’t last very long. Overall it is kind of a bland cider. Little flavor, body, tannins, or acidity. I would only purchase this again if there was no other ciders on the shelf and only drink it if it was offered to me. It is not a cider I would pursue. I’m giving it 2 of 5 rating as it is drinkable.
Reviewed on 14 Dec 2018
reviewer Ashley_Lombardo
Ashley_Lombardo (236) said:
this bottle was given to me by our Beer Guy to sample out. the bottle was open when it was handed to me. I'm wondering if that's why this seems a little flat, both in taste and texture. a bit like a golden delicious apple Maybe which is definitely not my favorite. didn't seem to have much Sparkle, but again could be because the bottle was already open when it was given to me. Not sure what time it was opened. otherwise, unoffensive, if a little boring
Reviewed on 13 Jan 2018