Seattle Cider, WA, US

picture of Seattle Cider Basil Mint submitted by Reena
picture of Seattle Cider Basil Mint submitted by Reena

Basil Mint

ABV: 6.9%

Dry, plus smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer david
david (4589) said:
Going to have to agree with what other reviewers are saying: Refreshing in hot summer weather? ✅ Strong basil, but not overpowering? ✅ Not much mint? ✅
Reviewed on 22 Jun 2021
reviewer AmoraLynn
AmoraLynn (177) said:
Very surprising! I wasn't sure if I'd like the combo but it's quite lovely. The mint doesn't really come through for me, but the basil isn't heavily herbacious, it's just refreshing overall. Pale yellow pour, light carbonation.
Reviewed on 15 Nov 2020

reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (5100) said:
The basil and mint come through without being overpowering. This is a refreshing cider and would be nice on a hot day.
Reviewed on 05 Jan 2020

reviewer Stranger
Stranger (29) said:
Strong herbal/basil without being overpowering. Great summer seasonal cider.
Reviewed on 07 Sep 2018

reviewer MrBingo
MrBingo (80) said:
exceptionally light and delicious
Reviewed on 19 Oct 2019
reviewer Kaydi
Kaydi (393) said:
I really like this cider. Fresh, clean taste. I will definitely buy this again.
Reviewed on 21 Jul 2019
reviewer Molkot
Molkot (401) said:
An unusual flavor for a cider, but very refreshing and perfect for summer!
Reviewed on 06 Jun 2017
reviewer keltikchick
keltikchick (92) said:
Lots of basil flavor, could not taste much of the mint.
Reviewed on 25 May 2016
reviewer kiyose
kiyose (1954) said:
Light and refreshing like a summer day in Seattle.
Reviewed on 17 May 2016

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