Hudson North Cider Co, NY, US

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Big Apple

ABV: 8.0%
16 oz serving: 220 cal, 11g sugar

Sweet, smooth tasting, with mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer miki
miki (443) said:
I hesitated to write this review, as I think there may be someone out there who likes this cider, but it's not me. At 16 oz and 8%, this cider was something I could not finish a can of, for various reasons. On four separate occasions, I tried, but within a couple of mouthfuls, I would simply put it to the side, often ending up pouring out half or more as waste in the end. Of those four occasions, one time I forced myself to finish the can and I regretted it. I tried it with and without food and something about the sweetness and lack of any one defining characteristic made it both boring and off-putting. I can't even make this review funny as it wasn't bad enough to even complain about. If I was given this at a friend's house, I would simply pretend to drink it and never bring it up again.
Reviewed on 30 Mar 2023

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