Magners GB, Shepton Mallet Cider Mill, SOM, UK

picture of Magners GB, Shepton Mallet Cider Mill Blackthorn (U.S. Import Version) submitted by cidersays
picture of Magners GB, Shepton Mallet Cider Mill Blackthorn (U.S. Import Version) submitted by cidersays

Blackthorn (U.S. Import Version)

ABV: 6.0%
500 ml serving: 250 cal, 11g sugar

English style cider, sweetened with corn/glucose syrup. Semi-sweet, with noticeable astringency.

Taste Properties


reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (3473) said:
The pour is a clear gold with light carbonation. The aroma is apple and slightly farmhouse. The taste is semi dry apple and tart. The finish is short astringent and acidic. It has a light to medium mouthfeel. It’s okay but nothing special and not something I would actively seek out.
Reviewed on 08 Nov 2019

reviewer DoubleCider
DoubleCider (239) said:
Definitely tastes like a mass-produced commercial cider. However, much less sweet than the mass produced American ciders sitting next to it on the shelves. So I would still choose it over those.
Reviewed on 17 Dec 2016
reviewer Freepster
Freepster (70) said:
I agree with cidersays' review
Reviewed on 16 Oct 2016
reviewer Myopic_Celiac
Myopic_Celiac (55) said:
Blackthorn (in a can) isn't horrible and it's definitely preferable to the disgustingly sweet Angry Orchard. I wouldn't choose this particular cider if others were available, especially Ace Joker, Samuel Smiths, or even Magners.
Reviewed on 06 Oct 2016
reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2589) said:
I like the draught version in UK a lot more than this US canned version. It's sweeter than I prefer with a sort of "Mike's" beverages kind of falseness to the overall flavour.
Reviewed on 03 Sep 2016
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5139) said:
Supplied in a four pack of 16oz cans. Ingredients: cider, glucose-fructose syrup, citric acid, ascorbic acid, colour, contains sulphites So, like most commercial products, this isn’t “real” cider. Not very complex of a flavor. Slightly rich syrupy taste. I find it interesting they import so many of these “fake” ciders. This is an easy to drink cider which went well with pizza. Most similar to Crispin Browns Lane, which I prefer, and seemed more flavorful and “real” (although it also has added ingredients, sucrose, ascorbic acid, & sulphites). This is a fairly solid commercial cider that I would choose over Angry Orchard, Strongbow, etc, if it was offered while I was out. I probably wouldn’t however choose to buy this, in contrast to Crispin Browns Lane.
Reviewed on 15 Aug 2015

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