Swilled Dog, WV, US

picture of Swilled Dog Caramel Apple submitted by KariB
picture of Swilled Dog Caramel Apple submitted by KariB

Caramel Apple

ABV: 6.0%

Flavored with caramel. Dry, strongly astringent, and moderate bitterness.

Taste Properties


reviewer NancyMerrell
NancyMerrell (356) said:
Not as sweet as the name led me to believe. Caramel aroma but more bitter than sweet on the tongue. Definitely taste the burnt caramel in the aftertaste, which is very satisfying. A multi-faceted cider.
Reviewed on 28 Jun 2019

reviewer CiderTable
CiderTable (730) said:
The nose makes you anticipate sweetness, but it is surprisingly not sweet. Burnt caramel bitterness at the end. Certainly an interesting cider...unexpected in a number of ways.
Reviewed on 09 Apr 2018
reviewer SBond424
SBond424 (235) said:
I fully expected to love this but sadly did not. I don’t know if I got one from a bad batch or what, but it tasted weirdly metallic. I did not notice the bitter quality that others mentioned but just did not like it at all.
Reviewed on 04 Apr 2022
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reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Very interesting taste that has a definite caramel and sugar presence but not quite as sweet as the candy.
Reviewed on 09 Feb 2018
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