picture of Millstone Cellars Cobbler submitted by cidersays
picture of Millstone Cellars Cobbler submitted by cidersays


Millstone Cellars, Maryland, United States
ABV: 8.0%
Cider with apple and peach. Dry, very sour, and strong astringency.

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reviewer Slainte
Slainte (708) said:
After reading this description, "Cask aged cider blended with bourbon barrel aged rustic peach wine. A farmhouse spring delight melding candied peach aromatics with tart peach skin flavors and a touch of vanilla." I was very curious to try it. But I couldn't' even finish the tiny glass in which it was served. Way too dry and too many mixed weird not-cidery tastes and absolutely zero sweetness despite the promise of candied peach and vanilla. Yeasty, citrusy, acidic, cloudy...totally not my bag.
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (4587) said:
I was expecting a very different cider, with peach & oak notes, per the bottle & cidery website. However, upon e-mailing them, I realized I was in for a shock. From Millstone: Focus on rustic ciders (unfiltered, unsulfited, unpastuerized, naturally dry, & wild yeast influenced), style most similar to Basque or Austrian Spanish ciders. Cobbler was 8 barrels peach wine (bourbon barrel aged 6 months) and 22 barrels Goldrush & York Imperial apple cider (oak barrel aged 6 months). Bottle conditioned. Characteristics of peach skin and a lactic soft cheese like quality as well as a hint of vanilla from the bourbon barrel. Dry, high acid, and a moderate helping of funk. I found it undrinkable, as did 3 others. Way too funky, yeasty, mouth-puckering tang, sour/tart, acidic, etc, for my taste. Those qualities were so overpowering I found no peach or barrel notes, only citrus. Unfortunate that I was misled as it was $17/bottle.

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