picture of Ratel Cider Dry-Hopped submitted by david
picture of Ratel Cider Dry-Hopped submitted by david


Ratel Cider, California, United States
ABV: 7.2 %
Dry, full bodied, and somewhat tart.

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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (3656) said:
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I got this in January's Double Cider box. Interesting pink amber hue. Notes of hops, citrus, floral, tea?, and pomegranate. Unusual. I found it pretty average...maybe with a touch more sweetness I would have liked it.

reviewer justin_Wilks
justin_Wilks (17) said:
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Just tried this late night. Best yet!

reviewer OldManCider
OldManCider (10) said:
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I drink mostly beer but my wife and I really like this!

reviewer Debann
Debann (20) said:
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Wow! the color is bright amber and the intense balance of dry, apple and hop is perfect.

- Reviewed at Village Corner Bistro in Carmel