Kicking Goat, SOM, UK

picture of Kicking Goat Kicking Goat Medium Craft Cider submitted by RorySkywalker
picture of Kicking Goat Kicking Goat Medium Craft Cider submitted by RorySkywalker

Kicking Goat Medium Craft Cider

ABV: 4.8%
500 ml serving:

English style cider. Semi-sweet, smooth tasting, and mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (534) said:
Bought this as part of an ‘Award Winning’ cider hamper on Amazon (although I’m sure it comes from the Bristol Cider shop). Very dizzy this one - like Irn Brew on initial taste: and very bronze in colour. It’s very sharp tasting, with a dryness that lingers and fades leaving you wanting more. On the nose it’s particularly earthy with a hint of the farmyard. It’s very nice and very pleasant drinking. I would say it’s on the drier side of medium, but with a strong sweetness and fairly tannic, but not too much. At 4.8%ABV it’s also very drinkable. First time I’ve had this one - but I’d buy it again. Was a lovely surprise as through the bottle and when it your glass it could very well be Magners Original - but i wouldn’t compare it in the slightest. It’s very good - and very well crafted. You can taste the care that’s gone into this. Would be great with a cheeseboard - or with cheddar and green grapes. It’s also go well with pork scratchings. Would definitely buy again. A great crafted medium dry cider (although it says medium on the bottle). (Loving the back label too - with a message from the cider-makers saying it’s “great cider, no kidding” and the joke about clearly being related to goats. Didn’t go unnoticed). A sense of humour often goes with character and this cider has that in abundance. 5/5 from me. A great discovery.
Reviewed on 20 Nov 2022
reviewer Judge
Judge (17609) said:
Dark orange colour, very cloudy with moderate light fizz. Aroma and flavour is like drinking apple juice. I’m guessing (but don’t know) it’s back sweetened with apples juice as it’s quite sweet. Smells and tastes of apples but no complexity. Equally there are No complaints. Juicy and appley!
Reviewed on 16 Aug 2023

reviewer RichardH22
RichardH22 (978) said:
Sweet initially then turns to a dryer after taste which I completely agree with a previous review, it leaves you wanting more. A fantastic craft cider with a crisp smooth taste with a slight sparkle! 5 star for me, loved it.
Reviewed on 18 Jun 2023
reviewer pubgypsy
pubgypsy (1115) said:
Front label states:- Seriously crafty cider All apple, no kidding Straight from our family orchards Freshly pressed fruit Somerset Craft Cider Rear label states:- Medium, modern yet authentically crafty Somerset cider. Uniquely blending 17 varieties of highest quality fresh pressed juice. Apples hand selected from our very own family orchards. Seriously delicious, All apple, No kidding. Cider to bleat about @kickinggoatcider Lady Farm Chelwood Somerset BS39 4NN Gluten free Contains sulphites Barcode 5 065003051058
Reviewed on 30 May 2023

reviewer GaryG
GaryG (688) said:
Orange and cloudy to the point of being completelyopaque. Reminds me of Thatcher's cheddar Valley in appearance. It is initially quite well carbonated but it fades quickly. Smells dry with a hint of oaky atonas, definitely a farmyard funk. I have read the other reviews and I can definitely get the irn brew sensation. I would definitely say this is a predominately sweet cider which leaves a dry feel on the aftertaste. Initial sweet taste (in brew) is balanced really well with a slight sourness with a tiny hint of oak directly after, followed by the dry aftertaste. Really pleasent cider. Purchase from thr Bristol cider shop as the Somerset collection, given to me by a wonderful friend.
Reviewed on 02 Jun 2023