Broadoak Cider, SOM, UK

picture of Broadoak Cider Moonshine submitted by TimothyHoward
picture of Broadoak Cider Moonshine submitted by TimothyHoward


ABV: 7.5%

English style cider. Dry, and smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer Imp
Imp (329) said:
Medium sweet still cider drunk from bag in box at Newark Beer Festival. Not sure what apples are used but leaves an almost artificial taste.
Reviewed on 26 May 2023
reviewer JaneWorlock
JaneWorlock (43) said:
Drinkable, nothing special though, would drink if available but wouldn't go out of my way to get it
Reviewed on 02 Jul 2022
reviewer cidrtikmick
cidrtikmick (1149) said:
I'm used to quite dry cider so this tastes sweet to me, it's the most dangerously drinkable cider I can recall. One could have a stab at making your own moonshine: into a pint glass pour 90% lemonade, a triple vodka, fill to brim with apple and lime juice. Though it almost certainly wouldn't be as good.
Reviewed on 27 Jun 2020
reviewer TimothyHoward
TimothyHoward (484) said:
Clear and clean. Despite its dry aftertaste, in which it leaves your mouth dry, it carries a sweet flavour. Strong volume but might not be everyone's favourite due to lack of body. Good but try before you buy.
Reviewed on 09 Feb 2019
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