No Boats On Sunday, ON, CA

picture of No Boats On Sunday No Boats on Sunday submitted by ciderqueen
picture of No Boats On Sunday No Boats on Sunday submitted by ciderqueen

No Boats on Sunday

ABV: 5.0%
500 ml serving: 21.5g sugar

Dry, and smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer KaitJanelle
KaitJanelle (44) said:
I love this cider. First time I tried it was out East and now whenever I drink it I’m reminded of that great holiday and beautiful place. It says hopped but I don’t taste much “hoppiness” which I’m glad as I probably wouldn’t like it as much. It’s not too sweet but not too dry either. Very smooth to drink and comes in a cool bottle too.
Reviewed on 13 Jul 2018
reviewer ciderqueen
ciderqueen (122) said:
Light colored, mineralized and smooth drinking. It is called 'hopped' but I cannot taste any significant amount of hopped flavor. Good level of sweetness and acidity. Slightly pricey.
Reviewed on 18 Jun 2018
reviewer TheKesser
TheKesser (8) said:
One of my favourite ciders. It's not too sweet. I'm not too sure if I've noticed the hopped part of it but that's fine.
Reviewed on 17 May 2020
reviewer kalvinsteen
kalvinsteen (17) said:
Smooth and refreshing!
Reviewed on 05 Sep 2023
reviewer marc.hickling
marc.hickling (32) said:
it's a very hoppy cider. tastes like beer and cider
Reviewed on 23 Apr 2021
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reviewer danidelicious
danidelicious (6) said:
a beautiful taste!
Reviewed on 27 May 2019
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