Thornborough, NYK, UK

picture of Thornborough Sparkling Dry Cider submitted by danlo
picture of Thornborough Sparkling Dry Cider submitted by danlo

Sparkling Dry Cider

ABV: 6.5%
330 ml serving:

English style cider, sulfite free. Dry, smooth tasting, and having mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer Judge
Judge (10984) said:
Light golden colour, pretty hazy with moderate heavy fizz. Apple skin aroma. Flavour is apple juice with wood and lemon.
Reviewed on 27 Mar 2021
reviewer Sharikkamur
Sharikkamur (254) said:
Beautiful pale gold and slightly hazy. Bright and fizzy, with a pleasant aftertaste.
Reviewed on 21 Jul 2021
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13063) said:
Comes in a 330 ml bottle, with moderate sediment. Cloudy, pale gold, with a musty aroma of damp straw and wool, with a sharp apple edge. Thin, citrus and apple skin flavour, becoming quite dry and a little astringent. Drinkable, with a light, refreshing quality.
Reviewed on 26 Jan 2019

reviewer danlo
danlo (1218) said:
330ml bottle from the Cheese & Wine Shop, Darlington, UK. Hazy golden colour, short-lived white foam head and aroma of apple, horseblanket. Taste is sour, lemon rind, tangy apple, some apple skin, with funky horsey barnyard notes and drying tannin. Slick mouthfeel, medium bodied, spritzy carbonation, dry tangy sour fruity finish. Very drinkable cider.
Reviewed on 22 Jun 2017

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