1911 (Beak & Skiff), NY, US

picture of 1911 (Beak & Skiff) Tropical submitted by Kfitzmd
picture of 1911 (Beak & Skiff) Tropical submitted by Kfitzmd


ABV: 6.5%

Cider with pineapple and mango. Sweet, and medium tartness.

Taste Properties


reviewer Flapiche
Flapiche (24) said:
Rather unique and tasty. Fruity but not overpoweringly sweet. It really did make me want to be at the beach. Don’t think I could have more than 1 at a time though.
Reviewed on 10 Jan 2021
reviewer SBond424
SBond424 (235) said:
Nice fruit flavor but not too strong or sweet. I tend to like a sweeter cider but this one has a nice balance of sweetness to tangy flavors.
Reviewed on 16 Feb 2023
reviewer Tlachance
Tlachance (1110) said:
This is the perfect cider fir being at the beach or floating in a tube on a lake. It is sweet with notes of pineapple, mango and apple. There are hints of citrus. A nice summer cider
Reviewed on 03 Mar 2021
reviewer KariB
KariB (11007) said:
Clear pale colored pour. Moderate carbonation. Moderate fruit aroma...mango, pineapple and apple. Taste is tart, juicy and tropical with moderate acidity. Following the nose the mango and pineapple standout most backed by a hint of sweet apple. Semi-sweet.
Reviewed on 22 Nov 2019
reviewer Corabora_seanie
Corabora_seanie (6) said:
I really enjoyed this cider. It has a strong pineapple flavor but the mango flavor was still present in the background. It was not too bubbly and I found it to be very refreshing.
Reviewed on 04 Jun 2020

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