Ashridge, UK

picture of Ashridge Elderflower submitted by BushWalker
picture of Ashridge Elderflower submitted by BushWalker


ABV: 4.0%
500 ml serving:

Cider with elderflower. Semi-sweet, rich fruit aroma, and full bodied.

Taste Properties


reviewer pubgypsy
pubgypsy (1116) said:
This is another CRYPTO CIDER, the taste of the elderflower hides any hint of a true DEVONSHIRE cider - it may have been produced in Totnes sewage treatment works, who can tell? Please help to keep DEVONSHIRE cider tasting of cider by purchasing the real thing not tainted by fruits other than apple, or pear at a push - this is an abomination!
Reviewed on 23 Jul 2021
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13102) said:
Rich, golden colour, with a strong elderflower aroma, though with the underlying cider noticeable. Syrupy mouth feel, with tangy apple and tannins discernible before the elderflower flavour comes to dominate in the aftertaste. Good quality elderflower cider, and very pleasant to drink. I had a scratchy throat when sampling this, and it was quite soothing.
Reviewed on 14 Nov 2018

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