Friels, GLS, UK

picture of Friels First Press Vintage Cider submitted by BushWalker
picture of Friels First Press Vintage Cider submitted by BushWalker

First Press Vintage Cider

ABV: 7.4%
330 ml serving:

Dry, rich fruit aroma, and medium tartness.

Taste Properties


reviewer RedTed
RedTed (219) said:
yummy. a tasty little cider. It has a crisp effervescents to it but with hint of scrumpy funk on the nose, a slight dryness to the finish and a definite smoky hint. All in all this is a well balanced cider that has a good character. At 7.4% it's not for a full day session...unless it is a special occasion. It has just won an award.
Reviewed on 22 Aug 2021
reviewer Ian_Hunts
Ian_Hunts (305) said:
Punchy little number, carries through on taste and smells like cider should. 7.4 so not a session drink but quite refreshing.
Reviewed on 05 Jun 2021
reviewer OxfordFarmhouse
OxfordFarmhouse (524) said:
3.5. Light and refreshing with early season apple flavours.
Reviewed on 09 Nov 2019
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reviewer pubgypsy
pubgypsy (989) said:
Aroma of green apples.
Reviewed on 30 Jan 2019
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13064) said:
Another hopped cider from Friels, made from the first pressing of a blend of Red Falstaff, Katy, and Windsor apples. This lacks the hoppy fruitiness of the less alcoholic Hop Infused 2015 Vintage I tried earlier. Slightly sour and a hint of bitterness from the hops make this a less satisfying drink, for me.
Reviewed on 27 Jun 2017

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