Floreal Cider, OR, US

picture of Floreal Cider Floreal submitted by Stratocruiser
picture of Floreal Cider Floreal submitted by Stratocruiser


ABV: 8.0%

Dry, and a little funky.

Taste Properties


reviewer Lilantwon
Lilantwon (172) said:
If you are a fan of funky barnyard ciders this is for you! The cider smells of apples and aged cheese. The initial sip leaves a lingering bitterness on the tongue with notes of cheese, grapefruit, and raw portabello mushroom. Pair this with a cheese plate or a meal of crispy roasted chicken!
Reviewed on 28 Dec 2019
reviewer Stratocruiser
Stratocruiser (749) said:
This pours a light gold color, with a moderate amount of haziness. The nose is slightly yeasty with a nice fruit aroma. It’s dry and balanced with a light to moderate amount of tartness. Not too earthy, and no bitterness.
Reviewed on 18 Feb 2018
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4209) said:
The pour is a slightly hazy yellow with medium effervescence. The aroma is sour and phenolic. Like a Spanish Sidra. The taste is dry and sour. It has very pronounced acetic notes to it. If you don’t like Spanish Sidra, you won’t enjoy. The finish is long and sour with some astringency. The mouthfeel is light. You have to keep drinking it for it to grow on you. I keep trying to love Spanish Sidra. Maybe I will someday.
Reviewed on 24 Mar 2020