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cidersays (5159) said:
Bottle pour at Capitol Cider tasting event with Bill Bradshaw and 9 WA cideries surrounding Cider Summit Seattle 2015. This was my first time trying anything from Nashi Orchards, although I have one of their perries at home. This is one of the few (two?) ciders that Nashi Orchards makes; they specialize in perry. They have an asian pear orchard. This cider was made using apples from the Vashon Island community, which included a lot of crabapples and heirloom apple varieties. It was dry fermented and not backsweetened. Smells like English cider, of rich bittersweet apples. On the drier side of semi-dry. Moderate to high tannins and bitterness. Mild tartness. I liked the bark better than the bite on this one (smelled better than it tasted). It was a bit too high in tannins & bitterness for my liking, likely from the high crabapple content. I imagine like most ciders, if I was having a full glass, I would have liked it better (vs. having a tasting glass).
Reviewed on 17 Oct 2015

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