picture of Old Mout Cidery Kiwi & Lime submitted by BushWalker
picture of Old Mout Cidery Kiwi & Lime submitted by BushWalker

Kiwi & Lime

Old Mout Cidery, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
ABV: 4.0%
Cider with kiwi and lime. Sweet, and rich fruit aroma.

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reviewer Ian
Ian (158) said:
Not bad for fruity cider, the kiwi and lime are quite understated, and it kills any thirst stone dead
Reviewed on 16 Jun 2019
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reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (10747) said:
Brewed by HP Bulmer at Hereford, under licence from Old Mout, Nelson, New Zealand. Very pale, lime green in colour, and pours with significant head. Aroma is strong, and dominated by the kiwi fruit, though a little artificial. This is really sweet, and quite gassy. The flavour is mainly kiwi, with lime cutting through as the flavour develops; little cider flavour is evident. Not unpleasant, but too sweet!
Reviewed on 11 Oct 2017

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reviewer GrumpyBadger
GrumpyBadger (32) said:
Its okay. The brand definitely has better flavors.
Reviewed on 17 Nov 2018
reviewer missusblaze
missusblaze (134) said:
a very fruity cider. The main flavour that comes through is the kiwi. I'd call this a pub garden cider as its very easy to drink and quite refreshing. However it is really rather sweet.
Reviewed on 19 Nov 2017

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