Magners Cider, Tipperary, IE

picture of Magners Cider Magners Apple Cider submitted by cidersays
picture of Magners Cider Magners Apple Cider submitted by cidersays

Magners Apple Cider

ABV: 5.5%

Semi-sweet, and smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer RedTed
RedTed (987) said:
The only cider that gives me a hangover. It's not for me. It's too tart and dry. You can't win them all.
Reviewed on 07 Aug 2021
reviewer GaryG
GaryG (997) said:
It'd bland and boring. Avoided it for years, tried it in a hotel with nothing else on offer. My second drink was a lemonade.
Reviewed on 30 Oct 2022
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4931) said:
The pour is a clear amber with medium carbonation. The aroma is a tannic/farmhouse apple. The taste is a semi sweet tart apple with a note of bitters. The mouthfeel is medium and mostly created by the carbonation. The finish is long astringency with some acid at the front. It has some phenolic farmhouse to it. I know it has colors and concentrates but I still like it.
Reviewed on 27 Nov 2019

reviewer MiriamVincent
MiriamVincent (41) said:
it's OK as a fall-back but it has a bit of a tang at the finish that Bulmers doesn't have (even though they're supposed to be the same, it's just that the name varies inside and outside of Ireland)
Reviewed on 15 Feb 2017
reviewer niltor78
niltor78 (18) said:
Love this one, every time i drink IT Arsenal wins. Love the flat carbonation
Reviewed on 21 Jul 2020
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reviewer Jual
Jual (540) said:
Leaves a plastic taste behind, not a fan
Reviewed on 19 Feb 2020
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
I had never got around to trying Magners, so I thought I'd give it a go. Its a commercial Irish cider made using concentrate, coloring, and added sugar. The flavor although very very basic wasn't juice with hints of bitterness and tannins. The color was a completely weird orange hue and the smell was fake. It was what I expected.
Reviewed on 08 Aug 2016
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reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2594) said:
I'm here at Kells in downtown. Having some lovely Magners on draft. Not bad. A little sweet though. Can someone please tell me what Brettanomyces means?? 😯
Reviewed on 28 Sep 2015
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reviewer tjmem
tjmem (192) said:
Didn’t like the aftertaste.
Reviewed on 03 Jan 2022
reviewer HaytonKidd
HaytonKidd (9) said:
Lovely and appily
Reviewed on 01 Apr 2020
reviewer nunard
nunard (26) said:
not fresh. more to the dry side. twist of mold in the end
Reviewed on 11 Aug 2018
reviewer Myopic_Celiac
Myopic_Celiac (57) said:
Magners will always be an easy to find (especially on draught) old friend. At 12 grams of sugar, it's a little sweet but not horribly so.
Reviewed on 06 Oct 2016

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