Newtopia Cyder, CA, US

image of cider
image of cider

Pink Palmer

ABV: 6.5%

Cyser (honey). Sweet, and very tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer miki
miki (401) said:
Oh God, what have I gotten myself into, is my first thought as I take a sip. This is a "cyder" mixed with Paru Tea Phoenix Oolong (mi lan xiang), raspberries, and lemon zest. The feeling is akin to drinking one of those Instagrammable pink gradient drinks. This is to an Arnold Palmer as a Walkman is to an Apple Watch. Yes, there is some common functionality, but I wouldn't swear to a common ancestor. As I work my way down the single (too big, not cute) can I bought, I think about how this should either be in a clear Starbucks style cup with ice or some sort of frou-frou cocktail glass with a umbrella garnish. By the end of that sentence you already knew if you were the target audience of this- God help me, once in a while I might be.
Reviewed on 24 Mar 2022

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