Viuda de Angelon, Asturias, ES

picture of Viuda de Angelon Sidra Brut submitted by NED
picture of Viuda de Angelon Sidra Brut submitted by NED

Sidra Brut

Dry, with rich fruit aroma.

Taste Properties


reviewer NED
NED (525) said:
Champagne pour of golden yellow, continuous fine carbonation. Nose of citrus and yeast. Palate is warm apple, lemon. Thick mouth feel which is carried throughout by the aggressive carbonation. Finish is tart and puckering but leaves an earthy taste. Very lovely rounded Cidre I would describe as a Spanish taste with French body containing a complex character which both regions are known for.
Reviewed on 10 Sep 2018
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5157) said:
A refreshing & smooth Spanish cider. I can’t really put the flavor into words, but it is one of those ciders which has a flavor profile which seems sweeter than it really is. I tried it at the Schilling Cider House, where it was a good deal as it was $11/pint (their most expensive), but only $2 for a 3oz+ taste. This made me want to try more Spanish ciders, but from some reading, I think this one is a bit of an exception to Spanish ciders as it didn't have any noticeable sourness or funk.
Reviewed on 16 Aug 2015
reviewer kiyose
kiyose (1965) said:
The apple varietal comes through is very pleasant though unlike most other ciders.
Reviewed on 21 Jul 2015

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