Ascension Cider Co, ESX, UK

picture of Ascension Cider Co Sonic Titan submitted by Bryony
picture of Ascension Cider Co Sonic Titan submitted by Bryony

Sonic Titan

ABV: 8.2%
330 ml serving:

Sulfite free. Dry, strongly astringent, and moderately bitter.

Taste Properties


reviewer cidrtikmick
cidrtikmick (1111) said:
I ruminated before reviewing this one. On handpump, it was the most turbid I've ever had, looking like undiluted pineapple juice, and barely drinkable. However, two reviewers rate it only slightly hazy. Assuming I had an unlucky and untypical experience I've omitted turbidity and funk ratings. I'll take the opportunity to ride a hobby horse - bag-in-box is far better than handpump for cider. If the box is being tilted steeply and is dispensing cloudy muck you can quickly tell the barperson you'll have something else instead. With a handpump you are presented with a full glass and it's too late.
Reviewed on 05 Jul 2023

reviewer Squamy
Squamy (68) said:
Great label Very dry and tart on first tasting. Crisp and a scrumpy-esque lingering after taste
Reviewed on 17 Jul 2022
reviewer Judge
Judge (17631) said:
Yellow colour, slightly hazy with moderate fizz. Strong cooking apple aroma. Fresh apple flavour with minerals. Crisp and sharp.
Reviewed on 09 Jul 2021
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