picture of Graft Worlds Apart submitted by Cideristas
picture of Graft Worlds Apart submitted by Cideristas

Worlds Apart

Graft, New York, United States
ABV: 6.9%
Dry, rich fruit aroma, and somewhat astringent.

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reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (2851) said:
Very unusual cider/wine combination, the first offering in Graft’s two-part collaboration with Revel Cider and part of Graft’s Shared Universe Series. December 2018 release. Surprisingly dry. Incorporates red and white wine concentrates along with Gewurztraminer grape skins.
Reviewed on 05 Mar 2019

reviewer KariB
KariB (8350) said:
Cloudy peach colored pour. Heavy carbonation. Moderate to strong aroma of apple, must and grape skins. Taste has a lot of acidity. Grape skin and light red wine flavor dominates the taste initially with a good tannin presence. Can also taste a bit of red apple. Lightly tart with a hint of funk.
Reviewed on 22 Aug 2019

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