Crispin Cider Company, CA, US

picture of Crispin Cider Company Browns Lane submitted by KariB
picture of Crispin Cider Company Browns Lane submitted by KariB

Browns Lane

ABV: 5.8%
16 oz serving: 230 cal, 16g sugar

English style cider, sweetened with sugar. Dry, a little funky, with medium tartness.

Taste Properties


reviewer KariB
KariB (10392) said:
Clear light golden pour with a lot of carbonation. Moderate apple aroma with a hint of funk. Taste is lightly tart and crisp apple flavor backed by a hint of straw/hay and barnyard funk. Dry. Light bodied.
Reviewed on 29 Jul 2019
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (3627) said:
It’s got funk on the nose before I’ve even taken a sip. It reminds me of farmhouse ciders from the barrel in Somerset. It’s pours crystal clear with a light straw color and decent carbonation. It’s relatively dry and you definitely get the farmhouse funk in the flavor. If you’re in America and looking for an example of what real English farmhouse cider taste like, you should get some to try. From a style perspective, they nailed it. Initially, I wasn’t taken with it but the more I drank it, the more I enjoyed it.
Reviewed on 04 Jun 2019

reviewer Myopic_Celiac
Myopic_Celiac (55) said:
This cider reminded me of my favourite pub in Somerset. While mass produced, it took me back to those days. I love a dry, tart cider.
Reviewed on 04 Oct 2016
reviewer Betsypops
Betsypops (39) said:
Definite notes of farmyard. Nice bubbles, not too sweet. Funkiness hangs on.
Reviewed on 12 Jul 2017

reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (3363) said:
Nice as an introduction to an English-style cider. Clear, light golden in color; light carbonation; fairly dry, with a funky edge.
Reviewed on 24 Dec 2019

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reviewer KathyBlackNorman
KathyBlackNorman (5) said:
Light and refreshing, good apple flavor. Not very sweet, very tasty.
Reviewed on 30 Dec 2018
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reviewer Freepster
Freepster (70) said:
What can you not say? A solid cider in a can. Glad it's back.
Reviewed on 05 Nov 2016

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reviewer thealu
thealu (31) said:
A little too funky for me.
Reviewed on 12 Jul 2017

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