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Browns Lane

Crispin Cider Company, California, United States
ABV: 5.8%
16 oz serving: 230 cal, 16g sugar English style cider, sweetened with sugar. Dry, a little funky, and somewhat tart.

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reviewer Betsypops
Betsypops (39) said:
Definite notes of farmyard. Nice bubbles, not too sweet. Funkiness hangs on.
reviewer Myopic_Celiac
Myopic_Celiac (54) said:
This cider reminded me of my favourite pub in Somerset. While mass produced, it took me back to those days. I love a dry, tart cider.
reviewer Freepster
Freepster (69) said:
What can you not say? A solid cider in a can. Glad it's back.
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reviewer thealu
thealu (30) said:

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