picture of J.K.'s Cuvee Winterruption submitted by cidersays
picture of J.K.'s Cuvee Winterruption submitted by cidersays

Cuvee Winterruption

J.K.'s, Michigan, United States
ABV: 6.9%
Flavored with cinnamon and vanilla, sweetened with maple, certified organic, sulfite free. Sweet, smooth tasting, with strong fruit taste.

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reviewer Hillary
Hillary (382) said:
Super sweet holiday cider - it could be a dessert cider. I taste a hint of cinnamon (more would be fine by me!) but mostly vanilla and maple. It’s really tasty and great for the holidays. I was looking for a wintertime cider that didn’t taste like a spice rack and this hit the spot.
Reviewed on 19 Dec 2017

reviewer KariB
KariB (4610) said:
Clear dark gold pour with minimal carbonation. Sweet aroma and taste. Really nice balance of cinnamon, vanilla and maple with a lingering maple sweetness on the palate.
Reviewed on 10 Feb 2019
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5089) said:
Definitely a sweet cider. I picked up almost no spice, but the person who I was tasting it with said its usually much more present. I mostly picked up apple juice and honey notes. I like the flavor of J.K.'s, but they are too sweet to have much of.
Reviewed on 22 Dec 2015
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reviewer DoubleCider
DoubleCider (239) said:
A bit too sweet for my liking, but great flavor and easy to drink. Kind of tastes like cinnamon applesauce. Would definitely recommend to a new cider drinker.
Reviewed on 28 Apr 2017

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