Pulpt, SOM, UK

picture of Pulpt Flare submitted by BushWalker
picture of Pulpt Flare submitted by BushWalker


ABV: 4.9%
500 ml serving:

English style cider, sweetened with sugar. Semi-sweet, smooth tasting, and having mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer Ian_Hunts
Ian_Hunts (427) said:
Light fizz, 4.9% easy drinking cider, too sweet to spend a day on it though.
Reviewed on 28 Nov 2021
reviewer RichardH22
RichardH22 (990) said:
Good work Pulpt, this is the first time I've tried a cider from this cider maker and i am very impressed. The sweetness is well balanced with the acidity with an aroma of apple pie. I will definitely be drinking this for some summer bbqs this year. Top marks, Top job.
Reviewed on 29 Dec 2022
reviewer PaulusBoskoop
PaulusBoskoop (10) said:
Very nice balanced cider. Inviting smell and aroma.
Reviewed on 25 Nov 2021
reviewer OxfordFarmhouse
OxfordFarmhouse (619) said:
Good nose and a great drink. Sweet and good apple flavour. Strong aftertaste.
Reviewed on 12 Aug 2023
reviewer Mat-Owl
Mat-Owl (142) said:
Sweet candy apple with a sharp dry, acidic traditional cider after taste.
Reviewed on 12 Sep 2022
reviewer GaryG
GaryG (689) said:
500ml bottle version Golden colour, transparent, little fizz. Generic mass produced cider aromas, sweet with apples. Flavours are slowly to penitrate the pallet, maybe due to this cider being watered down as said on the bottle. Sweet fresh apple flavours some sourness on the aftertaste. If I got served this in a pub, I wouldn't grumble but it isn't a top notch cider. . As well as apple juice (not from concentrated) it contains water, sugar and malic acid and of course sulphites for freshness.
Reviewed on 02 Aug 2023
reviewer Judge
Judge (17631) said:
I am drinking the bag in box version. Amber coloured, still and slightly hazy. Aroma of biscuits and a little wood. Flavour has honey running through it. Smooth and rich.
Reviewed on 04 Jul 2020

reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13098) said:
Comes in a 330 ml bottle. Golden colour, with a honeyed aroma, carrying wood and skin tones. Crisp fruit flavour, developing toffee apple, with a little spice and biscuit, in the aftertaste. Nicely-balanced, refreshing cider. I would have liked to try this with some apple pie.
Reviewed on 04 Jan 2020


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