Sxollie, ZA

picture of Sxollie Golden Delicious submitted by BushWalker
picture of Sxollie Golden Delicious submitted by BushWalker

Golden Delicious

ABV: 4.5%
500 ml serving: 106 cal, 15.3g sugar

English style cider. Semi-sweet, smooth tasting, with mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer Ian_Hunts
Ian_Hunts (427) said:
Pretty sweet- too much for a session, but a light & fruity cider. 4.5%
Reviewed on 16 May 2021
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13098) said:
Comes in a 330ml bottle. Single varietal, made from Golden Delicious apples. Yellow, with a green tinge, and has little discernible aroma. Fresh, sharp fruit flavour, with little aftertaste. Crisp, refreshing cider. Good choice for a hot afternoon.
Reviewed on 02 Jun 2018

reviewer RichardH22
RichardH22 (1015) said:
Light, smooth and sweet tasting cider which tastes exactly like golden delicious apples! Quite enjoyed it and very drinkable!
Reviewed on 26 May 2023
reviewer berty30
berty30 (1120) said:
sweet,clean Apple tasting,refreshing ,light and fruity
Reviewed on 27 Aug 2022
reviewer Sharikkamur
Sharikkamur (362) said:
I like this one. Not too much of anything, which makes quite a good quaffing cider.
Reviewed on 10 Aug 2020
reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (544) said:
Well first of all I really love a golden delicious apple. Probably my favourite. This cider is just that - 5 pressed golden delicious apples with no concentrate. And it’s really nice. Ok, it’s not amazing but it’s really refreshing. It’s got hardly anything under the nose and it’s only 4.5%ABV so I was never expecting much. There are some light floral notes though. It’s very light in colour, almost clear but with a light champagne look. It’s sparkly too, it has a really nice fizz to it. This cider is very similar to Kopparberg’s ‘Apple’ effort only not as sweet. Taste? It’s very light with hint of green grape and lightly sour with a soft bite and fairly mellow. Length wise there isn’t much going on but it’s pleasant enough and medium on the tongue. If you like sweet apple juice or Appletiser, you’ll love this. If you’d also like to try another South African cider - and a sweeter version of Savannah Dry, then this is for you. Would go well with cheddar cheese or cheese and onion crisps! 4/5. Refreshing.
Reviewed on 23 Mar 2023
reviewer OxfordFarmhouse
OxfordFarmhouse (619) said:
Would give 3.5 - tastes like Appletise, which isn’t bad, but doesn’t really taste alcoholic or like cider - probably the result of a single variety of dessert apple. Even so, it makes a nice drink.
Reviewed on 10 Nov 2019
reviewer pubgypsy
pubgypsy (1115) said:
3.3 Golden Delicious apples in every bottle. Sxollie pronounced Sko-llie. Produced in South Africa by Crafty Brands PTY Ltd, 7628, Western Cape, South Africa. Imported into UK by Karlau Ltd, London W5 3EF. 4.5% in a 330ml bottle. The bottle is dark brown with bright yellow painted writing. No added sugar, and no concentrate.
Reviewed on 19 Mar 2019

reviewer RedTed
RedTed (930) said:
I have to admit... it was not my first cider of the night and the pallet was not as clean a canvas as I would have liked.... But... this is not up my street at all. It is too sweet, too flat and too weak. Let's save the planet and keep it in South Africa. Nothing of interest in this cider.
Reviewed on 04 Nov 2021
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reviewer Judge
Judge (17684) said:
Light lime colour almost like water, clear with a moderate fizz. Aroma is of fresh apple. Crisp, clean and refreshing but won’t last long in the memory.
Reviewed on 03 Aug 2019

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