Sassy, Normandy, FR

picture of Sassy L'Inimitable submitted by ThomasM
picture of Sassy L'Inimitable submitted by ThomasM


ABV: 5.2%
750 ml serving:

French style cidre. Semi-sweet, and rich fruit aroma.

Taste Properties


reviewer ThomasM
ThomasM (926) said:
Maison Sassy Cidre "L'Inimitable" (5.2% ABV, 750ml). This cider is made by the family that owns the Château de Sassy in Normandy. Tart apples are carefully selected, then produced using traditional pressing and fermentation methods. Pours a deep, slightly reddish clear gold with a small head. Fairly intense aroma of musty, overripe apples, some funk, and faint prunes, with a mild dose of sulphur. Medium body, lively carbonation. Flavour is initially sweet, then tart red apples, slightly mouldy apple skins, a bit of farmyard earthiness, some acidity. Finish is dry, with some lemon, apple skins, aftertaste of some funk, apple skins, hints of citrus. A semi-dry French cider (the company calls it "brut") with a bit too much fizz, but interesting fruit and earthy notes. 8/10.
Reviewed on 15 Nov 2023
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13103) said:
Comes in a 330 ml bottle. Dark copper colour, with an aroma of dates and caramel. Treacle and toffee flavours, overlying apple juice. Unusual flavours, but verging on cloying, even though not is not actually overly sweet. Drinkable, but one is enough.
Reviewed on 25 Jul 2019

reviewer Judge
Judge (19573) said:
Copper coloured, clear and although it pours with heavy fizz it drinks a bit less. Nice apple aroma which has a strong blackcurrant hit. Ripe apple flavour with raisins and a hint of honey.
Reviewed on 28 Jan 2023

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reviewer Pierre-EmmanuelRacine-J
Reviewed on 12 Jul 2017
reviewer Slainte
Slainte (715) said:
Bubbly and delicious, a perfect addition to our Parisian picnic.
Reviewed on 02 Aug 2015

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