Sassy, Normandy, FR

picture of Sassy Poire Le Vertueux  submitted by ThomasM
picture of Sassy Poire Le Vertueux  submitted by ThomasM

Poire Le Vertueux

ABV: 2.5%
750 ml serving:

French style poire. Dry, smooth tasting, with strong fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer ThomasM
ThomasM (926) said:
Sassy "Le Vertueux" Pear Cider (2.5% ABV, 750ml). Made from 12 different varieties of cider pears from Normandy. The company emphasizes the importance of the "terroir", in this case orchards located near forests. Clear, rich golden yellow. Aroma is ripe pears, honey, vanilla. Medium body, moderate carbonation. On the palate, surprisingly acidic sweet and sour pears, rather intense fruit taste. Honey towards the finish, which is dry and sour, followed by an acidic aftertaste with a final pear kick. Rather splendidly fruity semi-dry pear cider if you can tolerate the acidity. 8.5/10
Reviewed on 17 Nov 2023
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13103) said:
Comes in a 330 ml bottle. Golden colour, with an aroma of ripe fruit, and a hint of toffee. Rich, floral pear flavour, with a little astringency and a touch of salted toffee in the aftertaste. The makers claim some locals drink this for breakfast!!! Pleasant and drinkable, with a complex flavour profile.
Reviewed on 23 Feb 2019

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