Harry's Cider, SOM, UK

picture of Harry's Cider The Original submitted by BushWalker
picture of Harry's Cider The Original submitted by BushWalker

The Original

ABV: 6.0%
500 ml serving:

English style cider. Dry, smooth tasting, and having mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (616) said:
First of all, if you get a chance to go to Harry’s cider farm in Long Sutton, Somerset UK - go! There’s a great tour on offer as well. I went in the summer of 2020. The ‘Original Dry’ version of Harry’s cider is excellent. I saw Harry himself neck one after a hard day’s graft, chatting to him one evening when I went to visit. It’s bronze in colour, light fizz and a great aroma. This dry is cider is indeed dry, which I love - and it you can tell that it’s produced in smaller quantities than the mass-produced ‘giants’. There’s a wonderful light ‘hay’ hint on the nose and it’s very fruity with a faint hint of berries - but that’s actually just the homegrown apples kicking in. It’s just a wonderful effort, this cider - and Harry himself is a great bloke, as is his wife - if you get lucky, she’ll bring some lovely cheddar out to accompany your cider tasting. I’d gladly stock up on Harry’s original dry for Christmas. Everything he produces is worth a purchase though. The taste is sharp with a real zip. It then mellows but doesn’t caramelise - it just lingers and fades with a real apple kick and punch. Tastes very natural and real. At 6%ABV, you can get away with having a few on the trot which is nice - and I’d definitely recommend adding a strong cheddar to sample with this one. 5/5 from me. It’s a great dry cider and dry cider fans will love it.
Reviewed on 18 Nov 2022
reviewer berty30
berty30 (1332) said:
fruity flavour dry cider,purchased from www.ciderlicious
Reviewed on 13 Jan 2021
reviewer pubgypsy
pubgypsy (1116) said:
This is another fine cider from Harry’s, just right for drinking on a lovely sunny spring day whilst under Covid-19 lockdown.
Reviewed on 05 Apr 2020
reviewer Judge
Judge (19207) said:
Amber, clear with very mild fizz. Hay aroma. Rich apple taste with hay and flora. Dryish, soft and tannic.
Reviewed on 15 Nov 2019

reviewer RichardH22
RichardH22 (1693) said:
Amber in colour and quite a pleasant dry sparkling cider. Mild fruit taste with a lasting after taste.
Reviewed on 22 Jun 2023
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13102) said:
Fruity, dryish cider with a distinct, though soft, tannin finish, enhanced by the rich, golden hue, and the pronounced apple juice and sweet hay aroma.
Reviewed on 01 Aug 2017

reviewer overground
overground (87) said:
Rather neutral, it’s good, but slightly bland.
Reviewed on 25 Apr 2023
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