The Waitrose & Partners Farm, UK

picture of The Waitrose & Partners Farm Traditional Farmhouse submitted by RedTed
picture of The Waitrose & Partners Farm Traditional Farmhouse submitted by RedTed

Traditional Farmhouse

ABV: 6.0%

English style cider. Dry, plus smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer RedTed
RedTed (879) said:
Not quite a 4 but more than a 3. A basic mass produced supermarket cider. It's better than some with more of a bite. I would be happy to spend the night on it.
Reviewed on 06 Nov 2021
reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (242) said:
The best around for its price range - now £3.75 (as of March 2022, was £3.50 before). You can taste the syrup for sure and that’s mentioned in the ingredients - but at £3.75 for 2l this is one of the best session ciders out there (in the cheaper price range). It has an earthy edge and the hints of the farmyard are very present. It’s a light coloured cider, champagne coloured with a nice fresh golden delicious tasting bite. It has medium to light fizz and goes well on its own, with a cheddar, curry or snacks/crisps. For the price range this is 5/5 but my review is based on what’s it’s up against in terms to the cider world, so therefore I’m happy to give it a 4/5 - purely because for the price, it cannot be beaten. It’s medium dry with a hint of natural sweetness (due to the syrup) so lovers of Aspall Draught will love this cider. The bottle says it’s full bodied but I’d say it’s more medium in its taste. It tastes a bit like the Weston’s British Vintage (if you can get hold of that. I’ve only been able to buy that at Weston’s shop itself in Much Marcle, but I’ve heard some Co-ops stock it). Anyway - back to the Waitrose Farmhouse - It’s short on the palate but medium to long in length and is refreshing but sharp. I happily stock up on this stuff as it’s 6.0% and that’s a reasonable ABV for a cider like this one. I’m keen to know who makes this for Waitrose, and I’m intending to ask the Sales Director at Weston’s when I next speak to him. Overall 4/5 for me as other cheap ciders often are 3/5 if they’re lucky. For its price range, this cider is in a class of its own.
Reviewed on 30 Jul 2022

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