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picture of Stem Ciders Chile Guava submitted by KariB
picture of Stem Ciders Chile Guava submitted by KariB

Chile Guava

ABV: 5.7%
12 oz serving:

Cider with guava guajillo chile’s. Dry, and full bodied.

Taste Properties


reviewer PointMeAtTheDawn
PointMeAtTheDawn (232) said:
My wife's favorite of our 6 flight - slight spice and very dry makes it one of her favorite ciders. The spice isn't too strong but other reviews indicate it may overpower some palates.
Reviewed on 06 Aug 2021

reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Clear golden pour. Moderate carbonation. Light to moderate apple aroma. Taste has some light tart apple upfront that is backed by fairly strong pepper that burns in the throat. Too much heat for my tastes.
Reviewed on 24 Jun 2020
reviewer Cmckissick
Cmckissick (6) said:
Loved it,light spicy but masks the sweet.
Reviewed on 25 Dec 2021
reviewer AmoraLynn
AmoraLynn (183) said:
I was not expecting to like this one but I was very surprised. It's got a little heat that hits on the back of the tongue but there is still some beautiful fruitiness to help even it out. Just wow!
Reviewed on 15 Dec 2020

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reviewer BruceBiegler
BruceBiegler (56) said:
Cider with a spice aftertaste
Reviewed on 21 Jun 2020
reviewer WayneMiller
WayneMiller (86) said:
too hot for me
Reviewed on 29 Oct 2019
reviewer AngelaCapone
AngelaCapone (60) said:
Too spicy for me
Reviewed on 16 Oct 2019

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