picture of Shacksbury Dry submitted by Reena
picture of Shacksbury Dry submitted by Reena


Shacksbury, Vermont, United States
ABV: 5.5%
Dry, and having some sourness.

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reviewer GreggOgorzelec
GreggOgorzelec (1144) said:
Awesome cider apple character for a canned cider.
Reviewed on 22 Jul 2018
reviewer Ashley_Lombardo
Ashley_Lombardo (236) said:
dry. yellow in color. not overly fruity. i know that sounds really basic, but it's actually quite nice, not a thing to say against it. and that in itself is a good thing.
Reviewed on 04 Feb 2018
reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (1481) said:
A classic dry cider. Light and golden in color. “Crisp and sessionable” at 5.5% ABV.
Reviewed on 30 Aug 2019

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reviewer KariB
KariB (5000) said:
Light golden pour with moderate carbonation. Nice fruity apple aroma. Mildly tannic and acidic. Light, crisp, and tart. Beyond the dry apple taste, also get flavors of vanilla, wood, and must.
Reviewed on 07 Jan 2019
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