Virtue Cider, MI, US

picture of Virtue Cider Lapinette submitted by cidersays
picture of Virtue Cider Lapinette submitted by cidersays


ABV: 6.8%

Barrel aged, french style cidre. Dry, and somewhat tart. Cider has citrus notes.

Taste Properties


reviewer GreggOgorzelec
GreggOgorzelec (1440) said:
Great tartness, nice barrel texture. Petulant. Not really complex but it works.
Reviewed on 06 Jan 2018
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
Based on the description, I was expecting a typical French cidre (apple-forward, the color of apple cider, although had I looked at photos of the cider I would have known better), but this is more Farmhouse-style, with heirloom apple flavor, astringency, and some sourness & funk. Not really my style, but well made, and a good value for $10.99 / 750ml. Notes of green apple, white grape, lemon, yeast, and mineral.
Reviewed on 29 Jan 2017
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reviewer melb
melb (3) said:
not to my taste a little too sparkly and tart
Reviewed on 23 Jul 2018

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