Virtue Cider, MI, US

picture of Virtue Cider The Mitten submitted by cidersays
picture of Virtue Cider The Mitten submitted by cidersays

The Mitten

ABV: 6.9%

Flavored with bourbon barrel aged. Dry, very bitter, and rich fruit aroma.

Taste Properties


reviewer MichCiderGuy2
MichCiderGuy2 (32) said:
The barrel aging overpowers the cider. This is a case where I didn't get what I paid for - expensive yet far less palatable than their simple brut.
Reviewed on 01 Nov 2022
reviewer ShawnFrank
ShawnFrank (690) said:
Surprising find in Kansas City, Kansas. I love the finish; the bourbon really shines. The smooth opening makes the bitter finish stand out even more. I was going four but now I think a five. This is truly a case where a half rating would be helpful.
Reviewed on 16 Jan 2017
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
Bought at Capitol Cider (750ml bottle, $24 after take-home discount). A special find from MI even in the cider heaven of Seattle WA (although I can more easily find some of their other ciders). Bourbon barrel aged cider made from MI apples. Semi-dry. High carbonation and an almost frothy mousse-like texture. Very ripe apple, bourbon, oak, vanilla, caramel, & brown sugar notes. Rich but light bodied. Very warming. Lots of bourbon influence. Some barrel influence. Moderate-high acidity, moderate bitterness, low-moderate tannins, mild astringency, & mild tartness. Long finish. Bold flavors. I think I would have loved instead of liked it if not for the bitter finish, but I'm the first to admit I'm sensitive to that. I probably over-hyped this cider a bit in my head too after seeing it on so many top cider lists and being on the lookout for it since I really got into cider. Virtue has a great info page on this cider:
Reviewed on 17 Oct 2015
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reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Clear dark yellow pour. Taste is nice dry apple with Bourbon coming though really nice without being overpowering. Can also taste wood, spice and a touch of vanilla.
Reviewed on 06 Oct 2017
reviewer danlo
danlo (1225) said:
1 pint 9 fl oz bottle from Mikkeller webshop. Pours a sparkling yellow golden colour with a short-lived white foam head. Nose of tart apple, charred woody oak, vanilla, bourbon, some rubber notes. Flavour is sweet apple, fruity & juicy, along with oak, woody, vanilla, some caramel, melon, white grape, light tannin and dry sourness. Oily mouthfeel, medium bodied, spritzy carbonation, dry tangy tannic finish. Very drinkable.
Reviewed on 06 Aug 2017

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