picture of Virtue Cider Virtue Cider Rose submitted by Ebechill
picture of Virtue Cider Virtue Cider Rose submitted by Ebechill

Virtue Cider Rose

Virtue Cider, Michigan, United States
ABV: 6.7%
12 oz serving: 150 cal, 2g sugar English style cider. Semi-sweet, and smooth tasting.

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reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2435) said:
Odd taste. But it’s a light one at least so it’s palatable.
Reviewed on 09 Dec 2019
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reviewer JGSM99
JGSM99 (2173) said:
The pour is clear peach with a lot of effervescence. The aroma is apple. The taste is dry apple and acidic. The finish is medium and very tart with a note of astringency at the end. The mouthfeel is dominated by the carbonation. It’s a nice looking tart cider.
Reviewed on 05 Sep 2019

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reviewer JjCamins
JjCamins (77) said:
A rosé that isn’t too sweet. I like that. Most seem sweet even if the rest of the brewery’s ciders are known for being dry.
Reviewed on 27 Apr 2019
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reviewer westmiciderguy
westmiciderguy (22) said:
Very heavy floral notes in first sips and aftertaste.
Reviewed on 10 Jul 2018
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reviewer DABurkhart
DABurkhart (146) said:
Gosh. I didn’t enjoy this at all. Bitter. Very dry. No acidity offset by sweetness. The best thing I can say: It has a nice color in low light.
Reviewed on 06 Dec 2019

reviewer Ebechill
Ebechill (261) said:
Same as angry orchard’s rose
Reviewed on 14 Apr 2018

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