Virtue Cider, MI, US

picture of Virtue Cider Michigan Cherry submitted by KariB
picture of Virtue Cider Michigan Cherry submitted by KariB

Michigan Cherry

ABV: 5.0%

Cider with cherry, made with some organic ingredients. Semi-sweet, with medium tartness.

Taste Properties


reviewer ryanwmahan
ryanwmahan (81) said:
This has become my favorite cherry cider and it ranks up there with any cider I've had, period. You know this is a cherry cider the moment it hits your tongue.
Reviewed on 16 Aug 2019
reviewer KariB
KariB (11004) said:
Clear dark pink colored pour with moderate carbonation. Light cherry aroma with a hint of apple. Tart cherry flavor.
Reviewed on 22 Mar 2019
reviewer MichCiderGuy2
MichCiderGuy2 (32) said:
Sadly this is no longer available in cans. It was my favorite cherry cider ever. Most are sickly sweet or taste of concentrate. This was subtle, dry and fresh. At least it is still available bottled in their fruit belt series (the peach is also wonderful.) In general I don't care for flavored ciders but this is a rare exception.
Reviewed on 31 Oct 2022
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