picture of Strongbow Hard Ciders Rose Apple submitted by KariB
picture of Strongbow Hard Ciders Rose Apple submitted by KariB

Rose Apple

Strongbow Hard Ciders, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
ABV: 5.0%
330 ml serving: 137 cal, 10g sugar Semi-sweet, and a little funky.

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reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (2384) said:
The pour is a clear rose with medium carbonation. The aroma is light apple with a little phenolic note. The taste is a semi dry tart apple. It has a medium mouthfeel that is mostly driven by the carbonation. The finish is medium to long acidic with some astringent notes and a touch of vanilla. I like it.
Reviewed on 11 Dec 2019

reviewer david
david (3802) said:
Not bad in a pinch, but can definitely taste that this is a mass produced cider with added sweetener. Luckily they had a fairly light touch so it’s still on the semi dry side.
Reviewed on 25 Feb 2019

reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (1980) said:
Not much aroma or flavor. Bills itself as semi-dry but tastes and feels semi-sweet.
Reviewed on 09 Jan 2020

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reviewer alongtheivy
alongtheivy (23) said:
Really didn’t enjoy this cider. It was stark and sharp and kind of flat, not a good taste
Reviewed on 30 Aug 2018
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reviewer Kaydi
Kaydi (225) said:
Reviewed on 29 Sep 2018

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