Woodchuck, VT, US

picture of Woodchuck Amber submitted by noses
picture of Woodchuck Amber submitted by noses


ABV: 5.0%
12 oz serving: 200 cal, 22g sugar

Sweet, smooth tasting, with strong fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer LoveMeSomeCider
LoveMeSomeCider (25) said:
So glad I found this as a go-to when I don’t feel like experimenting at the liquor store! Very smooth, fruity, not dry, not too sweet, but sweet enough!
Reviewed on 27 Mar 2024
reviewer tjmem
tjmem (192) said:
I liked it! Very low carbonation, not fruity, fairly sweet, seems like a solid all around cider.
Reviewed on 03 Jan 2022
reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (5959) said:
Nice body and fruit and a lovely color; however, at 22g the sugar content is on the high side.
Reviewed on 10 Oct 2018
reviewer ejthuli
ejthuli (47) said:
Solid but I prefer a little more tartness
Reviewed on 30 Jun 2023
reviewer dunadan
dunadan (256) said:
Great clean crisp cider. Loved it!
Reviewed on 04 Jul 2021
reviewer Thecomputermedic
Thecomputermedic (52) said:
This is the cider that hooked me on cider
Reviewed on 12 Feb 2023
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reviewer AshHayes
AshHayes (116) said:
A great go to cider that’s available a lot of places. Refreshing tasty cider, with hints of almost like an apple pie
Reviewed on 31 May 2020
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reviewer ShawnFrank
ShawnFrank (690) said:
Wish I could rate halves because I would give this another half of a star. The taste is slightly changed since the bottle redesign. There is something in the secondary taste that I can't quite put my finger on. Yes, this is backsweetened. If you know that going in, there is no complaints. Not something I can drink many of in a row but a fine taste.
Reviewed on 31 Dec 2016
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reviewer lizsavage
lizsavage (1890) said:
It's a typical Woodchuck cider. Fruity yet more sweet than I car for. It tastes like they added apple juice to it in order to sweeten it up.
Reviewed on 18 Apr 2016
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reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4563) said:
The pour is a clear golden with light carbonation. The aroma is tart apple. The taste is semi sweet apple with tartness. The finish is short and medium acid. It’s doesn’t have much body or mouthfeel and doesn’t have any tannins or astringency.
Reviewed on 27 Nov 2019

reviewer Pholmbo
Pholmbo (7) said:
It's a good cider, but the amount of sulfites in it gives me a headache. It's more so in the Amber than the other flavors.
Reviewed on 15 Mar 2016

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