Woodchuck, VT, US

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image of cider

Local Nectar (Vermont)

ABV: 6.9%

Semi-sweet, and smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer jrpage221b
jrpage221b (10) said:
Local Nectar is a fun product. A relatively small production run from a massive cidery. This cider is made from locally-grown apples and only sold in Vermont. I’ve enjoyed many Woodchuck ciders over the last 20 years, and enjoyed this one a bit less than I’d hoped to. It is neither overly-sweet nor overly dry, has a decent light, crisp apple aroma, smooth mouthfeel, and no funky aftertaste. If you like sweet ciders, the Amber or Raspberry will likely be a better fit. If you don’t live in Vermont (or close by), you might have to wait a while to try it. If you can get to the Woodchuck tasting room, you’ll love it. I brought 6 bottles home to Seattle, and wish it could have been more!
Reviewed on 29 Jun 2020
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