Incline Cider Company, WA, US

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image of cider

Beares Original Haze

Semi-sweet, smooth tasting, with mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer dunadan
dunadan (255) said:
Had a pint of this at Doyle’s in Tacoma, WA,, a great Irish bar. Good taste, not too sweet or dry, not flavored, just a solid cider with some haze, as the name says. Would drink again!
Reviewed on 30 Sep 2022

reviewer Blueap9562
Blueap9562 (426) said:
Like drinking golden delicious apples! Mellow taste, semi-sweet, notes of honey and cantaloupe. Cloudy and slightly funky. Quite approachable and could drink it a while!
Reviewed on 06 May 2023

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