picture of Worley's Beatnik Billy submitted by BushWalker
picture of Worley's Beatnik Billy submitted by BushWalker

Beatnik Billy

Worley's, Somerset, United Kingdom
ABV: 5.5%
500 ml serving: English style cider. Semi-sweet, smooth tasting, and mild fruit taste.

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reviewer TimothyHoward
TimothyHoward (478) said:
Please note: This review is for the bag in the box, still variant. Middle of the road in terms of flavour. A very subtle oak aftertaste that compliments a dry yet sweet flavour... so a medium. Recommended to end a night.
Reviewed on 24 Mar 2019

reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13051) said:
Golden colour, with a perfumed aroma of dessert apples. Soft, mellow, fruit flavour, with little aftertaste. Lacking in depth or complexity, nonetheless, this has a really pleasant, rich flavour, which you could easily drink bottle after bottle
Reviewed on 31 Oct 2018

reviewer Fegrig
Fegrig (188) said:
Still, boxed, sweet cider, good aftertaste, strong apple smell with a little edge on tasting not too tardy
Reviewed on 11 Jan 2018

reviewer Judge
Judge (3237) said:
Gden colour, still and slightly hazy. Floral aroma. Taste of oak. Smooth, rich and mellow.
Reviewed on 27 Dec 2018

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