picture of Worley's Special Reserve English Keeved Cider submitted by cidersays
picture of Worley's Special Reserve English Keeved Cider submitted by cidersays

Special Reserve English Keeved Cider

Worley's, Somerset, United Kingdom
ABV: 5.4%
750 ml serving: English style cider, made with some organic ingredients. Semi-sweet, and a little funky.

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reviewer Judge
Judge (3259) said:
Orange in colour, moderate fizz and pretty cloudy. Leather and farmyard aroma. Flavour of wood with plenty of funk and tannins. Tangy and rich but too gassy.
Reviewed on 14 Nov 2019

reviewer danlo
danlo (1209) said:
750ml corked bottle. Sparkling, orangey amber gold colour, short-lived fizzy white foam head and mucky, apple aroma. Taste is tangy apple, fruity, with lots of leathery barnyard funk and drying tannins. Medium bodied, spritzy carbonation, very dry tannic finish. Nicely drinkable.
Reviewed on 24 Jun 2018
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13051) said:
Light amber in colour, with an aroma of sawdust and dried apricot. Light, fresh, fruit flavour is displaced by a woody, tannic aftertaste, carrying moderate funk. Nice flavour, with soft tannins and wood, but much too gassy for my taste.
Reviewed on 06 May 2018

reviewer Hugo
Hugo (689) said:
Barnyard nose masks the fruit unless you pour with vigor, swirly in a big glass, then the fruit comes through. Amber pour, diminishing head, with great fruit and good balance of tartness, sweetness, astringency and sourness from the wild yeast ferment. Tastes like England.
Reviewed on 20 Jul 2015
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5092) said:
Bottle pour at Cider Summit Seattle 2015. A keeved bottle conditioned cider made from cider apple varieties. Semi-sweet. Slightly hazy, moderate tartness, and high tannins. This was my first time trying their cider, although since then I've had a bottle of their “Premium Vintage” at home, which I liked better. This one was a solid selection, but nothing too remarkable. Maybe as it wasn’t all that cold and had lost some fizz, which is a drawback of bottle pours from events like this.
Reviewed on 17 Oct 2015

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