Austin Eastciders, TX, US

picture of Austin Eastciders Spiced Cider submitted by KariB
picture of Austin Eastciders Spiced Cider submitted by KariB

Spiced Cider

ABV: 5.0%

Flavored with cloves, cinnamon and brown sugar. Semi-sweet, and smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4428) said:
The pour is a gold with light effervescence. The aroma is a light apple pie spice with some herbal. The taste is semi dry apple and tart with some spice notes. The taste overall is tart forward and it works well. The finish is medium acidic with slight astringency. The body is light though the carbonation adds some silkiness. It is subtle and I enjoy it.
Reviewed on 03 Nov 2019

reviewer NancyMerrell
NancyMerrell (356) said:
Definitely a fall-ish spice going on here: cloves? cinnamon? And a slight tartness at the end of the drink. Taste isn't too strong, and I enjoyed this seasonal cider.
Reviewed on 13 Dec 2019
reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Clear golden with light carbonation. Nice aroma of fall spices and apple pie with cinnamon, brown sugar and light cloves standing out. Cloves stand out most in the taste. Can also taste some brown sugar, pepper and ginger. Wish the brown sugar stood out more.
Reviewed on 08 Sep 2018

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