picture of Henney's Cider Company Vintage Still submitted by cidersays
picture of Henney's Cider Company Vintage Still submitted by cidersays

Vintage Still

Henney's Cider Company, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
ABV: 6.5%
English style cider. Dry, somewhat astringent, plus a little funky.

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reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (9927) said:
Don't know if I got a bad bottle (though I suffered no ill consequences, so I'm guessing not), but this bordered on the undrinkable. Reminded me of apple juice which has gone bad. Not a pleasant experience at all, and poured it away after a couple of sips. Update:- I had found it hard to believe that Henney's had produced something quite as foul as the first I tried, so I decided to try another; first was definitely off! Still not a favourite, but far more drinkable. Pleasant copper colour, and light apple aroma with a trace of cinnamon. Dryish, apple flavour, with caramel and liquorice. Woody bitterness in the aftertaste Delighted to be able to uprate it after my initial bad experience.
Reviewed on 01 Jul 2017

reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5042) said:
$6 / 500ml from Bushwhacker Cider in Portland Oregon, imported by Shelton Brothers (you can also find Henney's Dry variety in the U.S.). Notes of bittersweet apple pomace, caramel, leather, orange, tea, and a hint of stone fruit. Moderate to long finish, bitter and astringent. Awesome! I liked it even more as it warmed up from fridge temp, as it got more complex. Rich and balanced. Reminds me of Dunkertons Dry. An amazing value too. Too bad I haven't seen it in Seattle yet. I love me some English cider.
Reviewed on 06 May 2017

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