Ciderboys, Wisconsin, US

picture of Ciderboys First Press Traditional Hard Cider submitted by david
picture of Ciderboys First Press Traditional Hard Cider submitted by david

First Press Traditional Hard Cider

ABV: 5.0%
12 oz serving: 244 cal, 30g sugar

Sweet, smooth tasting, and having mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (3627) said:
The pour is a slightly hazy and lightly carbonated gold. The aroma is apple juice. The taste is sweet apple with a light tartness. The finish is short apple. There is not much body or mouthfeel. Given the 30 grams of sugar, they must have used some acidic dessert apples. It’s pretty blah. Not much going on but it’s not as sweet as I thought it would be.
Reviewed on 26 Nov 2019

reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13060) said:
Comes in a 355 ml bottle. Light amber and cloudy, with a sweet apple juice aroma, carrying a trace of caramel. Apple juice flavour, with a little toffee in the aftertaste. Inoffensive, though undistinguished. Drinkable enough, if nothing better presents itself, though it is a little over-sweet.
Reviewed on 30 Aug 2018

reviewer Stormgerlock
Stormgerlock (10) said:
Interesting cider, both sweet and with a little bit of bite. Definitely not my favorite.
Reviewed on 28 Jun 2018
reviewer CiderTable
CiderTable (730) said:
Solid cider, if not a little pedestrian. Straight-up apple, as advertised.
Reviewed on 16 Feb 2018
reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (3363) said:
Slightly hazy golden color. Quite sweet. Not our favorite.
Reviewed on 30 Jun 2020

reviewer KariB
KariB (10392) said:
Slightly cloudy golden pour. Heavy carbonation. Light apple aroma. Taste is moderately tart with flavors of apple skin, apple juice and a touch of sugar.
Reviewed on 13 Nov 2019
reviewer limeri
limeri (201) said:
Fairly sweet cider with a clean taste. Nice with dessert!
Reviewed on 19 Sep 2018
reviewer Ibeeric20
Ibeeric20 (77) said:
Overall a good cider. It has more sugar than most ciders I have had, so it is very sweet.
Reviewed on 27 Aug 2018

reviewer david
david (4118) said:
Sweet and apple-forward. It has a few other subtle taste notes (maybe a little citrus), but mostly apple. Very smooth, but just too sweet for me.
Reviewed on 20 Oct 2016
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reviewer WayneMiller
WayneMiller (68) said:
Reviewed on 26 Oct 2019

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