picture of Ciderboys Strawberry Magic submitted by SamleeHelenG-Minor
picture of Ciderboys Strawberry Magic submitted by SamleeHelenG-Minor

Strawberry Magic

Ciderboys, Wisconsin, United States
ABV: 5.0%
Flavored with strawberry. Sweet, and rich fruit aroma.

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reviewer Liyah_639
Liyah_639 (12) said:
Absolutely delicious. Light. Strawberries and apples come through. On the sweeter side which I like.
Reviewed on 15 Aug 2018

reviewer CiderTable
CiderTable (728) said:
Like eating fresh strawberries in the spring. Apple comes through at the finish. Fragrant, fresh, refreshing.
Reviewed on 01 Mar 2018
reviewer SamleeHelenG-Minor
SamleeHelenG-Minor (116) said:
A little on the sweet side. The strawberry is a frontrunner flavor in this pale clear yellow colored hard apple cider. Crisp clean sweet finish.
Reviewed on 27 Oct 2016
reviewer sailor312
sailor312 (143) said:
The strawberry flavor comes through, but it is not overpowering. About the right balance of apple and strawberry
Reviewed on 04 Jul 2017
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reviewer Ibeeric20
Ibeeric20 (55) said:
Nice cider. Strong strawberry taste and it is very sweet.
Reviewed on 27 Aug 2018
reviewer TamiaAnne
TamiaAnne (47) said:
Although Cranberry Road is one of my favorites and it’s made by Cider Boys I cant say the same for this one. It’s very sweet and definitely tastes like strawberry. I think it’s fruity in flavor and aroma but definitely one of the sweeter ciders out there.
Reviewed on 22 Oct 2017

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