Stormalong, MA, US

picture of Stormalong Legendary Dry submitted by KariB
picture of Stormalong Legendary Dry submitted by KariB

Legendary Dry

ABV: 6.5%
16 oz serving: 3g sugar

Dry, with noticeable astringency.

Taste Properties


reviewer Tlachance
Tlachance (702) said:
A wonderful dry cider with a clear golden pour and light carbonation. This is a well balanced and complex cider with the tannins and light bitter notes followed by a sweeter apple finish.
Reviewed on 31 Mar 2021
reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (4181) said:
Delicious cider! Clear golden color, intensely flavorful, slightly bitter. Abundant tiny bubbles. Smooth, quite dry, highly drinkable.
Reviewed on 31 Jul 2019

reviewer KariB
KariB (10989) said:
Clear golden pour. Moderate to heavy carbonation. Moderate tannic and bittersweet apple aroma. Medium bodied. Strong apple taste that has a nice balance between moderate acidity and tannins and light bitterness. Crisp and lightly tart.
Reviewed on 20 Apr 2020

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