Stormalong, MA, US

picture of Stormalong Legendary Dry submitted by KariB
picture of Stormalong Legendary Dry submitted by KariB

Legendary Dry

ABV: 6.5%
16 oz serving: 3g sugar

Dry, and somewhat astringent.

Taste Properties


reviewer Tlachance
Tlachance (1110) said:
A wonderful dry cider with a clear golden pour and light carbonation. This is a well balanced and complex cider with the tannins and light bitter notes followed by a sweeter apple finish.
Reviewed on 31 Mar 2021
reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (5959) said:
Delicious cider! Clear golden color, intensely flavorful, slightly bitter. Abundant tiny bubbles. Smooth, quite dry, highly drinkable.
Reviewed on 31 Jul 2019

reviewer daddytorgo
daddytorgo (82) said:
This cider is very dry. You can see why they call it their "champagne cider" - it's dry, medium-to-heavy on the carbonation, and with up-front bitterness followed by the fruity finish. While there's no mistaking the fruit, it definitely came off subtle to my palatte.
Reviewed on 25 Feb 2022
reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Clear golden pour. Moderate to heavy carbonation. Moderate tannic and bittersweet apple aroma. Medium bodied. Strong apple taste that has a nice balance between moderate acidity and tannins and light bitterness. Crisp and lightly tart.
Reviewed on 20 Apr 2020

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