ACE Hard Ciders, CA, US

picture of ACE Hard Ciders Pineapple submitted by DoubleCider
picture of ACE Hard Ciders Pineapple submitted by DoubleCider


ABV: 5.0%
12 oz serving: 175 cal, 9g sugar

Cider with pineapple. Sweet, rich fruit aroma, plus somewhat tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer lobsterkatie
lobsterkatie (162) said:
I never had a go-to, reasonably-widely-available (at least in northern CA) drink until I found this cider. I like things sweet (some would say way *too* sweet!), and so I struggle, even with many ciders, *but I finally found my drink*. Thank you, Ace! Given the above, take this with a grain of salt, but I don't think this is super sweet, but sweet enough that I can feel like it's a real cider and yet still drink multiple in a row. If it gets warm, sometimes the tartness starts to come through too much, so definitely better enjoyed cold.
Reviewed on 20 Sep 2021
reviewer RobotXLB
RobotXLB (271) said:
Blond hay color with a light but sweet cotton candy scent, followed by a initially sweet delicate taste that slightly intensifies and lingers like a bee at a flower but then it’s gone.
Reviewed on 22 Mar 2021
reviewer miki
miki (443) said:
Pineapple and cider actually works really well, but this is not my favorite version of the combination. This sort of the other side of the spectrum from Original Sin's Pineapple Haze which I found too sour. Ace's Pineapple was too sweet to really enjoy drinking a whole can of. The breed standard remains for me DownEast's Aloha Friday.
Reviewed on 16 Nov 2020
reviewer NancyMerrell
NancyMerrell (357) said:
This was like liquid candy, sweet and thick and delicious. I love all things pineapple and this cider did not disappoint. I could drink this cider with pizza, nachos, hamburgers- a perfect pairing for cookout and weekend foods.
Reviewed on 28 Sep 2020
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4532) said:
Another cider I did a blind tasting against my own pineapple mint version. This one was deemed too sweet and lost to my more acidic pineapple cider. The only person who chose this one did so because they don’t like mint.
Reviewed on 10 Mar 2019
reviewer MichelleJones
MichelleJones (155) said:
Soooooo delicious!!! I like my ciders on the sweet side and fruity. It was perfectly pineapple-y and slightly sparkling. Such a perfect cider for summer.
Reviewed on 03 Aug 2018

reviewer AbbyHoward
AbbyHoward (6) said:
My absolute favorite cider!
Reviewed on 26 Jun 2018
reviewer jrduncans
jrduncans (57) said:
Very consistent, strong pineapple flavor. Very refreshing.
Reviewed on 03 Sep 2017
reviewer Gooberlicious
Gooberlicious (22) said:
ace pineapple taste amazing when on the tap. it was so refreshing and made me feel like I was eating fresh pineapple.
Reviewed on 25 Jun 2022
reviewer tjmem
tjmem (192) said:
Deliciously sweet, like drinking pineapple juice. The perfect summer drink.
Reviewed on 03 Jan 2022
reviewer punk_scientist
punk_scientist (465) said:
super artificial pineapple flavor and not in a good way
Reviewed on 28 Jul 2021
reviewer Ashley_Lombardo
Ashley_Lombardo (238) said:
I like this surprisingly well. I thought it sounded terrible TBH. Nice surprise.
Reviewed on 19 Sep 2017
reviewer DoubleCider
DoubleCider (240) said:
This cider has a good flavor, but it's very sweet. Reminds me of a sort of pineapple candy flavor 🍍🍬
Reviewed on 17 May 2017
reviewer LeneVorkinn
LeneVorkinn (26) said:
Best in the summertime from draft with ice.
Reviewed on 10 Apr 2020
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reviewer Ajsines86
Ajsines86 (4) said:
Delicious, but a little too sweet to have more than one
Reviewed on 11 Jul 2019
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reviewer RosalindThacker
RosalindThacker (158) said:
I love pineapple ciders and the ACE did not disappoint! Very nice blend of the apple and pineapple, not too sweet and very refreshing!
Reviewed on 01 May 2019
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reviewer CiderTable
CiderTable (730) said:
Straight-up pineapple juice from nose on through. Chuggable, would be great on a hot summer day.
Reviewed on 20 Dec 2017
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reviewer RobelG
RobelG (16) said:
I feel that this is a cider you cannot go wrong with, the pineapple is very exciting! This is my favorite cider so far and I firmly believe it deserves four stars!
Reviewed on 29 Nov 2017
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reviewer david
david (4876) said:
Very sweet, but the tartness mostly balances it. The pineapple comes on strong on initial taste, but not much on the nose or finish. This is a mixed pineapple/apple cider, and you can taste elements of both.
Reviewed on 12 May 2015
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reviewer Hlaughlin93
Hlaughlin93 (33) said:
One of the best pineapple cider I ever had
Reviewed on 02 Nov 2022
reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Clear pale colored pour. Moderate carbonation. Mild tropical aroma. Nice sweet and crisp pineapple flavor with a tart edge that is backed by a hint of apple juice.
Reviewed on 23 Dec 2018
reviewer matths1015
matths1015 (219) said:
sweet but good
Reviewed on 01 Nov 2018
reviewer Mcroft
Mcroft (14) said:
Must drink cold, or sweetness is unpleasant.
Reviewed on 29 Jul 2017

reviewer Molkot
Molkot (431) said:
Very sweet and a little like drinking candy. But it was better than I expected.
Reviewed on 06 Jun 2017
reviewer Lori
Lori (53) said:
sooo much better on tap kind of a pineapple soda flavor
Reviewed on 29 May 2017
reviewer ShawnFrank
ShawnFrank (690) said:
Super sweet, on tap. I like this but my tastes have grown not to love this. The way the sugar hangs in my mouth bothers me.
Reviewed on 07 Mar 2017
reviewer NAD58
NAD58 (11) said:
so good refreshing on a hot day makes really good jack looking forward to trying more of their products
Reviewed on 26 Feb 2017
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
Tastes just like pineapple juice to me.
Reviewed on 17 Aug 2015
reviewer kiyose
kiyose (1978) said:
This cider only gets two stars because it is actually drinkable. The apple flavor wars with the pineapple and neither comes out looking good.
Reviewed on 14 May 2015

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